The Throne Room

This is a gospel show that aims to uplift the listener’s spiritual growth, healing and encouragement. The focus is on worshipping God every Sunday morning, laying a foundation to starting the day. It reaches to the soul and heart by starting with a prayer and scripture reading. The show is rich with beautiful sounds of praise and worship, mostly 80% local music.

For its identity the show has both the signature (opening) song and outro song.


  • Resilience and Respect
  • Preparedness
  • Excellence

Features on the show   

Prayer and Scripture Reference7:20 am
We love the kids on The Throne Room7:40 am
Akwande Conversations with Lele Skhosana on The Throne Room8:10 am
Wisdom Corner on The Throne Room8:35 am
Hour of Praise on The Throne Room9:10 am

Show content

The content is relevant to what is happening in the country and have themes e.g. Women’s Month. The content is also based on the word of God (Gospel). It also focuses on community development, social ills and socio-economic factors. It is about restoring hope to people that there is always a possibility of change. The name of the show itself, acknowledges the supremacy of God. It brings people closer to God through prayer and song.


The interviews are interactive and relaxed. Interviewees get an opportunity to go through their question guides as a way of preparing for a smooth and relaxed interview. The show has attracted young and old entrepreneurs, community development influencers as well as pastors across the country.

Intended audience

  • Young and old
  • A believer and a non-believer
  • Anyone who has lost hope
  • Pastors, Professionals, Community Influencers

Direction of the show

The show is heading towards reaching the maximum listenership across the land competing with other Sunday morning show. This is possible through online streaming though it is still a challenge to some. Hopefully the frequency will be available to reach even those who do not have resources to stream live.

AKWANDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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